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ಌ katrina's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
ಌ katrina

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001: Intro. [28 Jul 2010|04:56am]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey everyone I'm Katrina Elam,

I'm a small town country singer from Bray, Okla. I was named top female vocalist for Oklahoma in 1998 at age 15. My dream was always to be a country singer and sing with the big dogs like Reba McEntire, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, & Vince Gill. I finally got my chance it seems when Reba invited me on my first ever tour. My new album is in stores now, I've co-written almost half of my songs on that album, It's apart of me now. Keith Urban has taken the liberty of bringing me on tour with him for his "Be Here" tour. My career has taken off so fast I can barely believe it, but I'm glad.. It's always been my dream to be a star and here I am. I hope to meet alot of new friends here on Livejournal and also this journal is going to be friends only but don't be discouraged comment and I'll add you right back. Oh if you don't want to comment to my silly introduction post my AIM is kind of katrina, Or if I've already added you go ahead and talk to me, I love chatting.

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